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Mural Painted on back of the Miller Building
in Knoxville's Market Square

Picture of Patrick Sullivan's Saloon in Knoxville Tennessee Old City
Mural on back of old Miller's Building - Just off Market Square, you'll find this painted mural on what is now the KUB Image Point offices. It is off the beaten path and hidden in a small court yard area, so you will have to look for it.

A part of the renovation of the historic Miller's Department Store building, located on Gay Street, the mural which is 90' x 21' stretches to the top of the building and was created by G Byron Peck. In the realistic looking windows of the building painted on the mural, you'll notice the reflections of more buildings that have been painted into the picture.
The court yard, complete with a few benches and beautiful landscaping, is a great place to sit outside for lunch in the shade if you work in the downtown area.

Photo Submitted and Copyrighted by J. Wilson

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