Rachmaninoff Statue - The Last Concert
Knoxville Tennessee

Picture of statue dedicated to famous russian pianist Rachmaninoff
Historical - Located on the World's Fair Convention Center lawn, this 12-ft. bronze sculpture of the famous Russian born composer and pianist, Sergei Rachmaninoff, shows him as he appeared at what proved to be his final public concert held here in Knoxville in 1943.

His love of the area influenced his decision to perform here, and suffering from pains not yet diagnosed as terminal cancer, Rachmaninoff took his last bow and canceled the rest of his American tour. He died weeks later.

Fifty years after Rachmaninoff's death, a Russian sculptor in Moscow, Victor Bokarev, created a large plaster statue and called it "Rachmaninoff: The Last Concert." Stipulatiing that it be bronzed and placed in a public place, he donated the statue to the city of Knoxville, in honor of where Rachmaninoff played his final show.

The photographer of this unusual photo is unknown.

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